take your parties to the next level.

Get to know your party group with 52 cards that let you challenge, compete and confess!
Or stick to your usual card games - the choice is yours!

bounceback or blackout
2-in-1 drinking game set

Our limited edition game set is perfect for your home or as a gift for your friends or loved ones!

4.8 (348)


This bounceback or blackout set includes:

1 x “bounceback or blackout” card game (U.P. S$49)

2 x boxes of bback

2 boxes contain: 20 doses (80 capsules), 8 sleeves

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you’re guaranteed a night to remember & waking up feeling fresh.

2-in-1 deck of cards

One deck, 52 playing cards but multiple ways of playing - the perfect deck!

make fun memories

Bounceback or Blackout is all you need to turn a party into hours of fun!

bback ready

Bundled with two boxes of bback - you’ve got everything you need.

how to play bounceback or blackout:


shuffle & deal

shuffle the cards and deal into a circle, face down. all cards must touch the cards on either side.


pick cards

going clockwise, players take turns picking cards - one card at the time.


play the action

each card is assigned an action. the player who draws the card must read the action out loud- and do what it says.


finish all cards

game only ends once all cards are drawn! the first player that breaks the 'chain of cards', must finish their drink!


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what our customers are raving about!

Got this 'Bounceback or Blackout' set as a gift from a friend and brought the cards out to every other party I've had since then.


Honestly, such a witty game! And super easy to carry around. Easy to switch up when my friends want to start playing normal card games!


Easy for house parties since the pandemic. Love the different games on the cards - it's never boring!


Bounceback or Blackout is super fun!! We lasted about 2hrs playing this card game, drinking but woke up with no hangovers!


Cards are super sleek and enjoyable. It's super convenient for me since I am able to use the cards as a normal card deck.


Wow, the games on each cards are so entertaining! I learned so many new things about old and new friends!